Leaner Seagoe Technologies Improves its Bottom Line

Craigavon-based Seagoe Technologies, the world's leading manufacturer of static night storage heating equipment for domestic and commercial applications, is saving over £200,000 per year as a result of taking part in Invest Northern Ireland’s Business Improvement Agent (BIA) programme.

The BIA scheme enabled the company, part of the Glen Dimplex Group, to achieve substantial savings from more efficient production resulting from the introduction of lean manufacturing techniques in fabrication and assembly operations.

Neil Stewart, Managing Director, Seagoe Technologies, said: “Our involvement in the BIA programme has helped us develop a sharper focus on all aspects of our manufacturing which has resulted in savings that will strengthen our market competitiveness.”

“We were able to identify and implement a series of actions that are having a direct impact on our manufacturing costs and increasing our overall efficiency.

“Invest NI’s BIA programme, for example, enabled us to gain advice and guidance from an expert in productivity improvement techniques. By focusing on continuous improvement within a new shopfloor supervisory structure it also encouraged the greater engagement of employees across the business,” he added.

Involvement in the BIA programme also included a series of benchmarking visits to other local companies that had implemented lean manufacturing techniques. In addition,Seagoe has enhanced quality control processes and made improvements in a number of areas, including the paint shop and fibre processing sections.

Victor Jordan, Invest NI’s head of Business Improvement Services, said:

“Lean manufacturing is one of a number of techniques that we are encouraging local companies to implement to ensure continued success in the global marketplace.

“SeagoeTechnologies is operating in a demanding market that requires consistently high quality products at the right price. The company is responding to this market challenge by enhancing its processes to ensure quality while maintaining relentless downward pressure on all its operating costs,” he added.

The Invest NI Business Improvement Agent programme - funded under the EU Programme for Peace and Reconciliation - assists companies in adding significant value to their operations and helps to position them for faster growth by applying knowledge-led business improvement techniques.