Learning the Strategies for Success with Invest Northern Ireland

Invest Northern Ireland will be co-ordinating a business seminar for electronics companies across the region at the NI Science Park, Belfast on the 26th April at 8.30am-1pm.

The seminar is the fourth in a series of events organised by the Northern Ireland Electronics Forum (NIEF) which was set up by Invest NI to help support the electronics industry.

Focussing on the promotion of strategic thinking within Northern Ireland’s growing electronics sector the event will include presentations from key industry figures such as Liam Maskey, Andor Technology and William Donaghy, Huco Electronics.

The speakers will discuss their own experiences in overcoming the many challenges facing the electronics industry and the current opportunities available for companies operating within this highly important business sector.

The seminar has also been designed to encourage local firms to focus on increased research and development which will help them enhance their exporting capability and overall competitiveness.

Commenting on the event Brian Dolaghan, Director of Engineering and Business Services with Invest NI said:

“This seminar is principally targeted at business professionals responsible for technology development and implementation within their own companies. By helping these individuals focus on strategic thinking and R&D their businesses will be better able to compete in profitable export markets.”

“By co-ordinating this event we are helping to promote the work of the NIEF as it seeks to increase the success of electronics companies across Northern Ireland,” he added.   

Further details of the event can be obtained via the following e-mail address: electronics3@investni.com

Notes to editor:

Further background on the work of the Northern Ireland Electronics Forum can be found at the following web address: