Lisburn Company is Driving for Success in Golf Industry

GolfBallistix, based at Lisburn Enterprise Centre, is driving for success in the huge and fast growing golf business with a portfolio of products and a unique service for enthusiasts of the sport in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and further afield.

The small company, formed by golf enthusiast Robert Cooke and Colin McElderry, a PGA teaching professional, in 2003 and backed by Invest Northern Ireland’s Eastern Local Office (ELO) in Belfast under the Export Start programme, is helping golfers to improve their playing skills by means of advanced computer technology that accurately tracks a player's swing and the flight of the golfball from the tee.

GolfBallistix is then able to use this data to manufacture a set of clubs by matching heads and shafts suited to an individual player's level of expertise.To support this expert service, the company has invested in sophisticated production and testing equipment, which it also uses to provide extensive club repair services to local players.

"We are the only company in the United Kingdom offering this service to amateur and leisure golfers," says Mr Cooke. "Swing analysis and the bespoke assembly of clubs was previously only available to golfers on the major professional circuits. We've identified a substantial business opportunity throughout the British Isles,as well as other parts of Europe.

“We’ve also attracted a high level of interest from taking part in a number of niche market exhibitions,” he adds.

Maurice Patterson, ELO manager, says: “Our support is geared to help Golf Ballistix realise the export potential of its technology and expert services in a marketplace with huge and growing opportunities for companies that are innovative and customer-focused. The company is seeking to achieve growth through participation in targeted trade shows, by developing its sales activities in Lisburn and by investing in e-commerce by means of its website,” he adds.

In addition to close links with major equipment manufacturers, such as Japan's Miura, the world leader in the design and production of heads, and Fujikura, the leading manufacturer of shafts, the company has taken on the European distribution of Korean made Volvik golf balls.

Miura, Fujikura and other manufacturers have been quick to spot the business potential of this enterprising Lisburn company and are encouraging its push into the Europe and other international markets.

GolfBallistix is now marketing its products and services aggressively and has strengthened its sales team in Lisburn.