Lisburn firm’s eco-friendly fuel system success in Poland


Lisburn-based Robert Craig and Sons, a specialist in industrial pumps for more than 100 years, has secured its first export business in Poland with help from Invest Northern Ireland.

The company is now supplying its eco-friendly fuel polishing system to Loadbanks, a major equipment business in Warsaw. The contact with Loadbanks was made during the Invest NI trade mission to Poland earlier in the year.

The contract in Poland was announced by David Craig, Managing Director of Robert Craig, which is based at Knockmore Hill Industrial Estate in Lisburn, and welcomed by Dr Vicky Kell, Invest NI Trade Director.

Mr Craig, commenting on the company’s latest contract, which follows success in the Netherlands and Finland, said: “Our fuel system attracted attention in Poland because of the nation’s developing focus in environmental issues. What the system does is to eliminate the threat pollution of the environment caused by diesel fuel that has deteriorated through water penetration and may have to be dumped in a landfill site.

“Poland looks likely to become a very important market for us because of the European Union pressure to address environmental problems and also because the economy there is continuing to grow steadily. Both these factors increase sales potential.

“Poland has an immensely strong heritage in engineering and an interest in innovative new equipment and techniques. In addition, the country offers easy access to other neighbouring markets, most of which are investing in measures to improve the environment.

“We’ve also found doing business there generally hassle-free because most Polish business people speak English.”

Craig and Sons will be joining its new partner at Poland’s biggest trade fair for the energy industry – Energetab 2012 – in Warsaw next month.

“Taking part in the huge Energetab exhibition will enable us to make contact with companies from these markets and also to gain up-to-date information about the challenges they are currently facing and will have to address in the future,” he added.

Invest NI’s Dr Kell said: “Craigs has set an export growth strategy for the next three years and has been using our market visits and other support services to penetrate their target European markets. With our assistance the company is implementing a very structured and proven successful approach, as the immensely encouraging new business in Poland demonstrates.

“We are keen to encourage and assist companies, both large and small and in all manufacturing and tradeable business sectors to develop a clear strategy and structured approach to exporting.

“Poland and other nations in Central and Eastern Europe are markets that we’ve identified as offering significant business opportunities for Northern Ireland exporters especially in technology-led sectors, including environmental engineering and clean technology. As well as organising regular trade missions and assisting companies to take part in relevant exhibitions, we now have experienced business advisors in market to help companies with market information and lead generation.”

Craigs developed the new fuel polishing system in partnership with Separ UK, a company based in Hertfordshire which supplies the filters used in the system. Craigs provides the pumps and assembles the system in Lisburn.