Local company invests £600,000 to develop renewable energy system

Larne company Biomass CHP is developing a revolutionary renewable energy generator with global market potential, as part of a £600,000 investment supported by Invest Northern Ireland.

Biomass CHP develops technologies that convert wood chippings into biogas, which is used to generate heat and electricity for industrial and civic use. The innovative modular unit being developed by Biomass CHP will produce no effluent waste, typically a common problem with existing wood to gas systems.

In addition to R&D support from Invest NI, part financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), Biomass CHP has also secured support from Clarendon Fund Managers and the company’s board members. Individual business angels, including some from the Halo Business Angel Network, have also offered financial assistance.

Carol Keery, Invest NI’s Director of Innovation, Research and Technology, said: “The global renewable energy sector is growing at a fast rate, so it is imperative that Northern Ireland companies focus on developing new technologies that can be exported to gain a slice of this highly lucrative market.

“Through this investment, Biomass CHP will be able to demonstrate the commercial viability and efficiency of an innovative sustainable energy generator. Combined with the added value of the company’s own leading-edge gas cleaning technology, Biomass CHP has already projected significant export market potential for this new product.”

Ms Keery continued: “Local companies will have the opportunity to learn more about how they can capitalise on the commercial opportunities that exist in the global sustainable energy sector, at Invest NI’s forthcoming Energy & Environment Conference 09. The free event will take place on 14 October and over 600 companies are expected to attend, share knowledge and hear from industry experts.”

Ralph Pickles, Chairman of Biomass CHP, said: “We are very excited about this new renewable energy system and its clear market potential. There is a growing worldwide need for new ways to effectively produce sustainable forms of energy.

“We believe that our new system can address that need and help customers to meet legal requirements in relation to carbon dioxide targets.”

“Our main customers will be businesses which tend to use energy in their manufacturing processes, as well as large offices and civic establishments such as leisure centres,” added Mr Pickles.