Local Company Knows the Drill For Success

An innovative new piece of agricultural machinery, which could save farmers both time and money, has won a Ballymoney company the 2004 Silver Medal Award at the Royal Agricultural Society of England Show.

Moore Uni-Drill’s multipurpose agricultural seedbed drill, developed with the support of Invest Northern Ireland, scooped the prize for its innovative design which combines the role of conventional or direct seedbed drill.

Sam Moore, managing director of Moore Uni-Drill explains: “Normal farming practice is to prepare the ground then follow with the seed drill. Our Tandem machine allows the farmer to sow directly or as a conventional drill, where conditions dictate, which obviously can save a lot time and energy.”

The machine, called Tandem Unidrill DP600A, was developed with assistance from Invest NI’s COMPETE programme which aims to help local companies become more competitive by providing support for developing innovative market-led products and manufacturing processes.

The project was carried out with technical support from the University of Ulster.

John Thompson, director of innovation, research and technology in Invest NI says: “Moore Uni-Drill already has a well established reputation worldwide but recognises the need to stay ahead of the competition by investing in research and development.

“Through our COMPETE programme, which is part funded by the EU Building Sustainable Prosperity fund, Invest NI supported the company in developing an innovative product that has enjoyed commercial success, and recognition among peers at the Royal Agricultural Show.

“The addition of the Tandem Unidrill DP600A to the company’s suite of products further enhances its export potential and enables it to more effectively compete with bigger UK, German and Swedish players.”