Local Firm Takes the Pressure Off With Help from Invest Northern Ireland

Marlborough Engineering Ltd, with assistance from Invest Northern Ireland, has developed an innovative new product range with highly significant export potential.

Set up in 1984 the company currently employs 30 staff and designs and manufactures precision engineering components for the aerospace, automotive, construction and plastics industries whilst also manufacturing bespoke machinery.  Based in Belfast it is in the final stages of developing a new range of 'Retainerless’ check valves.

The ‘Pressure Equipment Directive’ compliant products will be targeted at the highly safety conscious petrochemical and gas distribution industries that need valves with no potential leak paths, particularly when used to transport toxic and explosive substances.

The new product range uses a unique assembly that requires no external fixing or sealing elements. Invest Northern Ireland has offered the company product process development assistance of approximately £30,000 towards total research and development costs.

Commenting on the research and development programme, Kevin McCann, Director of Transport, Construction and Tourism said:

"Through this project Marlborough Engineering Ltd have diversified their product offering and developed a range of valves with the potential to export across the world. By bringing these new and innovative products to market they are ensuring the future success of the company.

"Only by investing in continual research and development will companies across Northern Ireland be able to remain competitive and grow," he continued.

With a target market valued at approximately £100 million it is anticipated that the new product range will generate high volume sales across the UK, the European Union and the United States.

Commenting on their hopes for the future Mark O'Kane, Managing Director of Marlborough Engineering said:

“As part of our long-term marketing strategy we will be targeting major engineering contractors who would be able to benefit from our products. Developing innovative new engineering solutions is one of the key strengths of our company and something that we invest a lot of time and effort into. For this project we have brought together a team of valve specialists with over 70 years experience in this product and market.

“We recognise that through a continued focus on research and development we will be able to help our company grow and stay one step ahead of our competitors," he continued.