A Lunch Time Lecture For Enterprising Souls

As part of National Enterprise Week 2006, 13-17 November, Invest Northern Ireland is organising a series of ‘enterprise lectures’ at the Linen Hall Library from 12.45-1.45pm, to encourage more people to get involved in enterprise.

Open to the general public, and with free admission, each lecture will focus on a different aspect or skill needed to become a successful entrepreneur, from learning how to communicate effectively to developing the right networking techniques for business success.

Speakers will include local comedienne Nuala McKeever, ex-Cadbury Schweppes marketeer Nigel Crouch, and networking ‘guru’ Gerry Faloona, amongst others.

“The idea behind the enterprise lectures is to create an island of calm, where members of the general public can take a break from the day to day stresses of their jobs,” said Graham Davis, Director of Entrepreneurship at Invest Northern Ireland.

“By offering a safe, peaceful haven for busy people we hope to stimulate enterprising thoughts and encourage more people to consider starting their own business or even learn how to improve an existing one,” he continued.

Light refreshments will be provided with music supplied by award winning violinist Rebekah Durston, before each lecture, details are as follows:

Monday 13 November – Adam Ewart will talk about running a successful business on e-bay. One of Northern Ireland’s most innovative entrepreneurs he has set up two successful dot.com companies, one a specialist online musical instrument shop and the other a courier service dedicated to the unique needs of students at universities across the UK.

Tuesday 14 November – Andrew Gregson has been at the leading edge of new IT development since setting up his business in 1993. He continues to develop innovative solutions to improve business communication and will talk about how using the right IT can lead to increased business success.

Wednesday 15 November – Nigel Crouch is a highly experienced marketeer and has worked with major brands including Cadbury Schweppes, Rickett and Colman and Evo-Stick Adhesives and Sealants. He will give an informative presentation on the right leadership skills essential for business.

Thursday 16 November – Local comedienne Nuala McKeever will give an entertaining presentation on the importance of communication skills to create business and personal success called, ‘Words are not enough’.

Friday 17 November – Networking guru Gerry Faloona will teach the participants how to ‘Network for Success’. His insightful and memorable talk will teach attendees how to maximise their business contacts.

The lectures will complement a series of larger events held across Northern Ireland during Enterprise Week, aimed at encouraging more people to become entrepreneurial.