Major Contract Success for Fujitsu

Fujitsu will support Lake’s new flagship product, BT Versatility, a new generation communications system for small businesses.

Peter Bowman, Director of Fujitsu Repair and Refurbishment Facility at Antrim, announcing the new contract, said: “This is a strategically important contract for us because is an internationally respected company. In addition to the support services, the contract will provide significant opportunities for us in other markets in which Lake currently operates, including the US and Australia.

“We secured the contract because we were able to offer unrivalled technical expertise and experience across the broadest range of telecommunications technologies on a round-the-clock operational basis.

“The services are provided by a dedicated and highly skilled workforce that includes qualified electronics technicians and electro-mechanical repair specialists with practical experience in manufacturing, repair and refurbishment processes,” he added.

Mr Bowman said the company’s customers also benefited from access it provided to the group’s vast R&D capability.

The Antrim business is an Invest Northern Ireland client company and has received support under the agency’s Company Development Programme.

“Welcoming the contract, Victor Jordan, Business Improvement Services Director, Invest Northern Ireland, said: “This is tremendously encouraging news for one of Northern Ireland’s most successful Japanese-owned companies, for Antrim and the wider community. It reinforces Northern Ireland’s position as an international centre of telecommunications technology that includes expert technical and customer-focused services provided to high profile clients on a global basis.”

Fujitsu Telecommunications at Antrim, part of the Japanese-owned telecommunications and technology group, specialises in repair and refurbishment services for industrial and commercial customers. The company, part of the global Fujitsu group, operates from a purpose-built, 25,000 sq ft facility and offers an international service.

The customer-focused services include support to extend product life cycles; turnkey warranty support; and timely and cost-effective repairs.

High profile clients include Fujitsu Siemens Computers (Ireland); BT Convergent Solutions; Lake Communications; BT Payphones; Nortel Networks; Mitel and Denis Ferranti Meters.