MindMill wins first business in South Africa

Carrickfergus-based MindMill has secured a distribution agreement in Sub Saharan Africa for its advanced human profiling software, following the company’s participation in Invest Northern Ireland trade missions to South Africa.

The company has clinched an initial £200,000 deal with EOH Group, Johannesburg, South Africa, one of the country’s leading technology and services organisations. MindMill has also recently won substantial export business in key markets such as the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Syria for its psychometric assessment software.

The agreement was announced during the current Invest NI trade mission to South Africa by Laing Mewhort, MindMill’s Managing Director, and welcomed by Dr Vicky Kell, Invest NI Trade Director.

Dr Kell said: “MindMill is an ambitious small company which is demonstrating an impressive and thoroughly professional approach to exports. The company is focused on innovation and recognises that it needs to invest time and other resources to bring the software system it has pioneered to market as quickly as possible.

“MindMill is the most recent in a series of successes achieved by smaller Northern Ireland companies following our trade missions to South Africa. Other successes include McGirr Engineering in Sixmilecross which recently secured business for its machinery in Johannesburg.

“We believe there are substantial opportunities for other Northern Ireland companies prepared to make the necessary investment of time and funds in what is fast becoming one of the most significant global markets. It is, furthermore, a gateway to other emerging markets in Sub Saharan Africa,” added Dr Kell.

Mr Mewhort said: “South Africa is justifiably recognised as one of the world’s most significant developing markets. This is an immensely important agreement which gives us a springboard to grow our business in Africa through a partnership with the EOH Group, Africa.

“People are the most valuable asset in any business. Identifying, selecting, training and developing them is therefore, crucially important and can have a profound impact on a company’s success in today’s very challenging markets.

“South African corporations recognise there’s much they need to do to develop their people to enhance their productivity and overall global competitiveness. Our online psychometric assessments minimize risks and enable them to select the right person for a particular role. Developing the right people, in the right role helps a company maximise its investment in human potential and ensure business growth.

“Invest NI trade missions and other support particularly in terms of market data have brought, and continue to bring, tangible benefits to our business. The missions have enabled us to launch and sustain an extensive marketing campaign, especially in developing markets such as the Middle East and South Africa.

“We continue to build on the contacts we’ve made in these markets and to explore the business potential of other developing regions such as South America and South East Asia,” he added.