Ministers open hi-tech development centre for digital entertainment

First Minister Rt Hon Peter D Robinson MP, MLA and deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness MP, MLA today officially opened a new research and development (R&D) facility for DTS, Inc in Bangor, Co Down.

Headquartered in the USA, DTS operates in the area of entertainment technology. Its digital multi-channel audio technology is widely used in a range of consumer products including Blu-ray and DVD players, personal computers, video games consoles, broadcast equipment, TV’s and set-top boxes, and home theatre systems, to deliver the highest quality surround sound. DTS technology is also used to create soundtracks and realistic sound effects for movies and music.

With support from Invest Northern Ireland, DTS set up a facility locally in 2001 and it now employs 18 people in a variety of highly specialised research roles at the new R&D base.

Speaking at the official opening, the First Minister said: "This is a globally respected brand and the work carried out in Northern Ireland, alongside other worldwide research hubs, plays a key part in DTS’ international success. Supported by Invest NI and the EU, DTS has continued to invest in the development of new cutting edge technologies and build strategic research partnerships with local academic institutions. This new facility will now further reinforce DTS’ commitment to Northern Ireland."

Deputy First Minister, Martin McGuinness said: "In 2001, DTS chose the North as the location for a new global research facility because of the skills available locally, coupled with the strong knowledge infrastructure. Its success since then is clear, with a number of Invest NI backed reinvestments and the application of locally developed technologies in competitive global markets. As it continues to engage in high level R&D activities, DTS will strengthen its position as an important part of our ICT and creative industries sectors."

Jon Kirchner, President and CEO of DTS added: "Over the past eight years, our Northern Ireland base has become an integral part of DTS’ worldwide research infrastructure. The talented people based here have delivered state of the art advances in surround sound technology with a tireless enthusiasm and focus on quality. This new facility, and the continued support of Invest NI, will allow us to further tap into the local knowledge base and develop new, advanced products that will further enhance our competitiveness and strengthen the DTS brand."