National acclaim for innovative technology of Claudy company


Claudy-based Pulse Eco Shower has won acclaim in the recent prestigious UK Water Efficiency Awards for its iPulse technology, an innovative solution to bacteria and limescale problems in conventional shower heads.

The company, which has been assisted by Invest Northern Ireland to develop the highly innovative technology, was named runner up in the awards for its patented iPulse technology. The company was also assisted by the Questor Centre at Queen’s University Belfast and Campbell Design Engineering in Newtownabbey to bring the new technology to market.

The Water Efficiency Awards said the iPulse technology had solved two basic problems confronting the industry: “First, bacteria and limescale build up in and under the small holes in the traditional shower head spray plate. Second there are environmental issues surrounding the large number of components found in market leading shower heads. Both these problems were solved with 'Pulse Tech', a revolutionary cylindrical insert which fits into the face of the new iPulse shower heads.

“The Pulse Eco Shower can now offer a maintenance-free easy to clean solution to the hygiene/limescale problem while offering a huge reduction in component parts, waste and the associated negative environmental impact. The shower head reduces water consumption by 40-60 per cent and testing has demonstrated that an average family of four using it could reduce their carbon emissions by up to one tonne every year."

James Clarke, a director of the company, commenting on the award, said: "This is a tremendous endorsement of our leading edge technology and has led us to bring forward our production plans which will see manufacturing brought back from China to Northern Ireland.

“At Pulse Eco Showers, we have always tried to simplify the manufacturing process as a means of decreasing our environmental impact. The first generation of Pulse Eco Shower heads required a 14-piece tooling mould, the current (2nd) generation reduced the equipment to an 8-piece production process and the next generation, which will be launched in six to eight months, reduces this to an incredible two-piece process. In comparison competitors have up to 20-pieces in their production process.

“By reducing this so dramatically, we will achieve significant green objectives by minimising the impact our manufacturing process has on the environment. Furthermore, thanks to the reduction in costs that this improvement creates, we are now moving our production to the UK. Not only will this allow us to reduce the environmental impact of transportation, it will be of benefit to the UK manufacturing industry as a whole, creating job opportunities and helping to promote the financial benefits of businesses adopting green objectives."

The award to Pulse Eco Systems was welcomed by Des Gartland, Manager of Invest Northern Ireland’s North West Regional Office in Londonderry, who said: “This is very important recognition of highly innovative technology pioneered by the ambitious company. We are working closely with the company to help it harness the huge business potential of the unique iPulse technology in the international marketplace.”