New business lines up takeaway meals

Ballymoney-based Takeaway2go is being assisted by Invest Northern Ireland to market technology that will make it easier to order takeaway meals using the internet.

Takeaway2go is a new internet business developed by experienced fast food businessman Richard Millar. He has created a website for fast food outlets in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland that gives them easier access to electronic ordering.

Des Gartland, Manager of Invest NI’s North West Regional Office in Londonderry, announced support for the new company’s marketing campaign in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Mr Gartland said: “This is an interesting initiative by a local entrepreneur that will enable smaller fast food operations to embrace electronic ordering and thereby increase sales.

“The fast food business is significant in both markets. In Northern Ireland, for instance, there are more than 1,000 fast food outlets ranging from small pizza businesses and Indian and Chinese takeaways, to more traditional fish and chip shops.

“Few of these have the financial and other resources needed to develop and maintain their own websites. Takeaway2go has carried out initial market research and found considerable support for the initiative that will bring the internet within their research.

“The new service will also help them to keep their menus up-to-date. Our support is geared to assist the company to market its service to the takeaways and also to make it easier for their customers to order on-line from a central source,” he added.

Mr Millar, outlining the project, said: “This new venture is based on my own business experience of running a fast food outlet and from suggestions I’ve had from my customers about ordering on-line. I talked to a number of smaller fast food operators and identified a clear market opportunity in the locally-owned fast food sector.

“The Takeaway2go website will offer them an extremely attractive and user-friendly site on which they can feature their menus and promotions. Those outlets with existing websites can also link to Takeaway2go and take advantage of our service, and the associated marketing campaign that I plan, to increase awareness of this throughout Northern Ireland and the Republic.

“I will ensure that Takeaway2go is kept up-to-date in terms of its appearance and content, especially menus and pricing. Our clients will be able to take advantage of the latest technology to improve their sales.

“In addition, the website will help overcome some of the problems from the current dependence on telephone ordering including bogus callers and mistakes made when orders are taken over the phone. Another benefit is that the website will offer a realistic alternative to the use of flyers by fast food outlets to market their menus,” he added.