New low fat sauce for hungry pets

A flavoured sauce that adds an appetising taste to dog and cat meals without piling pounds on the pets has been developed by JAM, a leading specialist in pet foods.

The Invest Northern Ireland client company, which has a longstanding commitment to innovative pet foods, has recently launched ‘Gravy Toppers’, a natural sauce for dry pet food that doesn’t contain additives or preservatives or use animal by products. The first Gravy Topper product being marketed by the company is made from chicken.

The launch of the new product follows extensive research by the JAM research team involving interviews with pet shop operators and individual pet owners. Invest NI has assisted the company in the development and marketing of products. The company has also taken part in Invest NI’s Going Dutch programme, which helps companies to identify business in the Netherlands.

“The research project followed an approach by a leading pet shop chain for a sauce that could be used to add flavour to dry foods used by dog and cat owners,” says Anthony Mackle, JAM’s Managing Director.

“Our interviews with pet shops and individual owners identified a definite and significant market opportunity especially for a tasty and natural product. It indicated that many owners wished to add variety and taste to meals, instead of simply feeding their pets plain, dry food every day of the week.

“To meet this market opportunity we came up with a gravy using real chicken meat that’s free from artificial additives, colours or preservatives and would be suitable for both dogs and cats. It’s also a low fat product containing just 0.5 per cent fat, an important benefit for owners concerned about their weight of their pets,” he adds.

The new product has been launched by Jollyes Pet Foods in stores across the UK.

Maynard Mawhinney, Invest NI Director, says: “The new product has been developed in response to a market opportunity identified by this small company which has a longstanding commitment to customer-focused innovation.

“JAM is creating a successful market niche through a focus on its customers and on flexible manufacturing that enables it to respond quickly to their requirements in what is a fast moving and extensive marketplace,” he adds.

Gravy Toppers is the latest innovative pet product developed by JAM. The company, which is based at Moy in Co Armagh, has also successfully introduced a rehydration drink for large dogs, PowWow Dog, which is being sold throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland and being exported as far as Japan.