New Year, New Business

New Year’s resolutions usually involve diet and exercise but the New Year is also a good time to think about making other changes, such as finding a new job or setting up a new business.

Many people have good business ideas but lack the confidence or know-how to take them forward and turn them into viable businesses. Starting small can be the answer. Invest Northern Ireland’s website now has a section that gives advice and guidance on starting a business from home.

The guide, available at, covers all the aspects of setting up a business, with specialist advice on tax considerations when starting a home-based business, using IT to build a professional office at home, and managing and growing your business.

Shauna Fenton, head of Invest NI’s team, says: “Working from home is a popular option for many people, particularly those who need flexibility and who want to keep their overheads low. It will not suit every business idea but there are many business activities, from consultancy to website designers to telesales, which can work very well in a home environment.

“The guide has a section to help you determine whether your business idea is suitable for home working. It also provides comprehensive advice on the general issues surrounding setting up a business and guidance on dealing with issues specific to home working such as planning permission, tax considerations and managing your workspace.”

The website also has a Business Start-up Organiser that helps users create a tailored list of tasks based on their specific needs. This is backed up with links to key resources including information guides and details about organisations that will help businesses get off the ground.