NiSoft poised for global success with new safety and compliance software

Belfast-based IT firm NiSoft is poised to achieve even greater international success with the launch of highly advanced new software, developed with R&D support from Invest Northern Ireland.

Eclipse3 (e3), the latest generation of NiSoft’s popular eclipse application, is designed to further enhance operations for the global power and petrochemical sectors, by delivering new functionality on an updated technology platform and in a web-based environment.

NiSoft develops safety document management solutions which allow power generators, refineries and other manufacturing or processing industries to meet stringent safety requirements. NiSoft’s flagship eclipse software is already used by many of the world’s largest power generators and oil refineries to enhance safety, compliance and productivity.

NiSoft has invested over £750,000 in an extensive research and development project which has resulted in a highly advanced, new version of the eclipse software called Eclipse e3. It will be launched this month in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, the US and Australia. Invest NI offered NiSoft over £180,000 of R&D support which includes part funding from the European Regional Development Fund.

Tracy Meharg, Executive Director of Business Solutions, Invest NI said: “NiSoft’s existing eclipse software is operational in nearly 400 customer sites located in more than 25 countries, proving that it is already a well established and successful supplier of operational safety and compliance solutions. However, like any company, it needed to invest time and resources in updating its products so it could remain competitive and continue to exceed the needs of its customers.

“The new e3 product will help NiSoft to strengthen its position in key markets and further expand exports, demonstrating how R&D is an essential tool for all companies.”

Doug Deardorf, CEO of NiSoft said: “With the introduction of e3, NiSoft continues to build upon a rich 20 year history of providing well-conceived and expertly delivered products and services to our customers worldwide. All successful organisations, and this certainly includes technology companies, must innovate to remain competitive.

“We knew we could make the features of our eclipse software even more effective by incorporating a new technology platform and employing a web-based design. With support from Invest NI we were able to accelerate this important project from the initial scoping and research phases through to design and build.  The result is a flexible, highly efficient system that will help our customers support increasingly complex and integrated safety processes and compliance requirements.”