North west company sells scotch eggs to Scotland

Millar Savoury Foods, the Eglinton-based convenience food company, is to supply scotch eggs to a top independent retail chain in Scotland.

The company, which has taken part in a recent series of Invest Northern Ireland trade events in Great Britain, has just shipped its first contract in GB to David Sands, one of Scotland’s biggest independent food retailers.

As well as the scotch eggs, Millar Savoury Foods is supplying the Scottish convenience chain with a range of chilled meat products including burgers, pies, jumbo sausage rolls and battered sausages.

Clarke Millar, Millar Savoury Foods Commercial Director, announcing the company’s GB sales breakthrough, said: “This is an immensely important development for us as it is our first significant supply deal in a market that we’ve been targeting over the past year.

“Invest NI has helped us substantially by supporting our export strategy which included the revamping of our product range and packaging, and participation on trade development initiatives that it has organised in Great Britain, including the ScotHot catering exhibition in Glasgow.

“These events have helped us to increase awareness of our products in Great Britain and have generated leads that we are now actively progressing.  Our focus on GB led directly to the contact with David Sands, the Kinross-based convenience food retailer with a network of 20 modern stores in Fife, Perthshire and Kinross.

“It’s an extremely important contract that gives us a significant foothold with one of Scotland’s most successful and progressive retailers and is the sort of encouragement we’ve been looking for since we began our marketing drive in Great Britain. It gives us the confidence to intensify our efforts in this target marketplace,” he added.

Mary Gormley, Manager of Invest NI’s North West Regional Office (NWRO) in Derry, welcoming Millar Savoury Foods latest success, said: “This is very good news for an ambitious company which has a strategic focus on faster business growth, particularly in markets outside Northern Ireland. It is now seeing tangible benefits from its significant investment in initiatives to improve productivity and from its aggressive brand-led marketing drive in Great Britain.

“The enhanced branding has helped the company to differentiate itself and its range of products in the market. This focus, and its longstanding commitment to quality products and good customer services, are enabling the company to compete increasingly successfully for business in a very demanding marketplace,” she added.