Northbrook Technology Invests In Northern Ireland Operations

Enterprise Minister, Barry Gardiner, MP, today announced that Northbrook Technology of Northern Ireland, a subsidiary of The Allstate Corporation of the United States, is planning to invest in its software operation in Belfast and in setting up new facilities in Strabane, Londonderry and Belfast.

Mr Gardiner briefed Strabane Task Force about Northbrook Technology’s expansion plans, which will mean over 660 new jobs, including 260 for the North West.

Following the meeting with the Task Force, Mr Gardiner outlined the investment with Bro McFerran, the company’s managing director.

Mr Gardiner said: “This is particularly good news for the North West and will provide quality employment opportunities with a fast growing US insurance company in a developing business sector. It is an exceptionally important development within Invest Northern Ireland’s North West Action Plan, which aims to transform the economy here by attracting investment from IT and other knowledge-led sectors.

“Investments over £100 million have already resulted from the Action Plan.  The Northbrook expansion will focus on the development of new skills in software and services in an area that has been badly affected by the closure and downsizing of textiles and clothing and other traditional industries.”

Mr McFerran said: “This expansion programme is an integral part of Allstate’s ongoing focus on enhancing its vast range of services to customers throughout the United States.

“Our choice of these locations was influenced by the success that we’ve already experienced in recruiting well-educated and easily motivated people in Belfast and Londonderry keen to develop careers in the IT industry. We’ve also been impressed by the high level of interest and support from government departments and local community groups in both centres. They’ve helped us develop our business here in Northern Ireland,” he added.