Northern Ireland business delegation in South Africa

Fifteen companies are taking part in an Invest Northern Ireland trade mission to South Africa, from 31st October to 10 November. The delegation will be exploring opportunities for trade, joint ventures and technology transfer with South African businesses.

The mission is travelling to Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town and is being assisted by commercial staff at UK Diplomatic Posts in all three centres.

Most of the companies in the delegation are new to the South African market and are keen to develop business relationships with firms there, for example, through the appointment of distributors.

Five of the participating companies are already represented. They are: Farmwizard, developer of an internet herd management system; FG Wilson (Engineering), a global leader in diesel power gensets; RFD Beaufort, a market leader in aviation and marine survival systems; and RW Pierce Security Print Solutions, a printer of security products.

Learning Pool, a developer of e-learning procurement products for the public sector, will also be announcing a £20 million deal to supply its procurement technology to a client in Johannesburg.

The group is broadly representative of industry in Northern Ireland in that it includes engineering especially in terms of diesel power generation and screening, conveying and recycling, as well as ICT, life sciences, and agri-products.

Leading the delegation is Dr Vicky Kell, Invest NI Trade Director, who describes the mission as “an important initiative to strengthen business and other relationships with the South African business community”.

Dr Kell adds: “South Africa is a rapidly developing market with strong economic growth and high potential offering Northern Ireland companies a breadth of opportunity for innovative and export focused business.

“I also believe there is substantial potential for companies in South Africa to explore new markets or expand their sales in Europe by making use of our experience of the EU marketplace. By working with Northern Ireland businesses, South African companies can gain access to a total solution to their European requirements in manufacturing, marketing and customer support services.

“Similarly, South African partnerships make good business sense for Northern Ireland companies interested in developing their sales and presence in the South African region,” Dr Kell says.