One Stop from Londonderry on the road to global business success

Employees at a Londonderry data research and tele-marketing centre, which has been assisted by Invest Northern Ireland, have helped to ensure the success of a big Asian investment conference.

One Stop Data (OSD), an inward investment company based at Skeoge Business Park, worked with the host government to ensure the attendance of key global decision makers at the conference. OSD has its head office in Ewell, near Epsom in Surrey and recently celebrated its first year operating at Derry.

OSD’s success in global markets was outlined by Pauline Murphy, the company’s managing director and founder, during a meeting with Des Gartland, Invest NI’s North West Regional Office Manager. Invest NI has provided a range of financial and other practical support to the company including for international marketing to assist OSD’s growth in Northern Ireland.

Mrs Murphy said: “In the first year of business in Northern Ireland we’ve surpassed the key targets set when we started up here in terms of business to business and client telemarketing projects. The results far outweigh any expectations we had a year ago. Invest NI’s support for the business and particularly our marketing drive has been invaluable.

“In addition to a highly trained team of callers, we have achieved a global expertise not found anywhere else in the industry. Language capabilities from French and Spanish to more specialised language requests, make the One Stop tele-research team here the only one of its kind with such quality and international reach. The work to ensure the success of the Asian investment conference is an excellent example of this dedication and expertise.

"I have been so impressed with the professionalism of the team in Derry. They tackle all the projects with great enthusiasm and dedication thatresults in suchpositive feedback from our clients. Some of our projects are very challenging and needgreat attention to detail but every single one has been successful. We are looking forward to expanding our tele-research team to meet the growing need for high quality and compliant marketing," she added.

Mr Gartland said: “One Stop Data is a tremendous success story and one which has showcased the outstanding quality and versatility of people in Derry and from other parts of the North West. We assisted the company to set up in Northern Ireland and to grow its operations through a range of support including from the Jobs Fund.

“The company is benefiting substantially from the high quality office accommodation and high-speed internet connections in Londonderry, connections which will be further enhanced by Project Kelvin.

“We have worked closely with management to assist in achieving targets particularly in terms of business outside Northern Ireland. Encouragingly the company now draws more than 70 per cent of its business from good quality customers in locations outside the UK.”

Established in 2001, One Stop Data is now a market leader for local and global lists, databases and lead generation. The company opened the operation in Londonderry in 2011 and has achieved Investor in People status.