Packaging Firm has Savings all Wrapped Up

A Down firm has recorded savings of over £200,000, thanks to its involvement in the Invest Northern Ireland Business Improvement Agent programme.

Warrenpoint based SCA Packaging, which specialises in the manufacture of conventional corrugated fibreboard packaging, had originally set a £178,000 target for savings during the two year programme. The company’s latest financial information revealed that it had exceeded this target.

The Business Improvement Agent programme assists companies in adding significant value to their operations and helps to position them for faster growth by applying knowledge-led business improvement techniques. As part of the initiative, SCA recruited a member of staff to assess and implement best practice improvement procedures in all processes including: management of NVQ processes, Total Productive Maintenance, communication and safety issues.

Savings were made by SCA in two key areas: safety - where savings of over £100,000 were recorded by reducing the number of accidents and dangerous occurrences, and machine efficiency – where increased capacity added to the benefits achieved.

“SCA Packaging fully embraced the Business Improvement Agent concept and by revising and improving key procedures, delivered significant savings,” said Tracy Meharg, Managing Director Innovation & Capability at Invest NI. “This success story clearly demonstrates how the Business Improvement Agent programme can help companies gain a commercial advantage in today’s increasingly competitive business environment.”

The announcement follows a successful year for SCA Packaging where the company became one of the first in Ireland to gain British Retail Consortium accreditation. In addition, the company was presented with a European wide gold award as part of the SCA group for improvements made to machinery and efficiency.