Polish sausages from Northern Ireland for English and Scottish delis

Polish sausages and cooked meats from a Coleraine company are now on the deli counters of supermarkets in England and Scotland.

Kabanos, assisted by Invest Northern Ireland, is now supplying its products to CJ Laing in Scotland and Nicco Foods of Cheshire. The company has developed a 43-strong range of cooked meats and sausages using traditional Polish techniques.

The Kabanos range now includes 28 types of Polish sausage. The company, which is based at Coleraine, Co Derry in a well-equipped meat processing plant, already supplies independent grocers throughout Ireland and is in negotiations with Tesco to list the sausages and cooked pork.

Kabanos, (Polish for sausages), is the brainchild of Robert McAfee and Tomaz Michaski, who is from Poland but is now a resident in Northern Ireland. Tomaz brought the traditional techniques from his homeland where his family has been engaged in traditional meat processing for generations.

Together they have the perfect blend of skills and experience for a business partnership in the meat production industry. Experienced sausage makers have also been recruited from the Polish community in Northern Ireland.

Announcing support for the company in areas such as marketing and business development, Maynard Mawhinney, Invest NI’s Food Director, said: “Kabanos has developed a unique range of quality meat products for the Polish community, and the important and growing niche market in the UK and Ireland, a market which is now substantial.

“We’ve been working closely with the company to help in developing its marketing capability and its distribution operation, including the introduction to Nicco Foods in England. The company’s commitment to growth through exports also offers business opportunities to local suppliers of pigmeat in particular.”

Mr McAfee said: “We set up the business in 2006 to meet the demand from the huge Polish community in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland for traditional cooked meats and sausages, and it’s been a tremendous success. Encouragingly, the taste and quality of our products are increasingly attracting the interest of supermarkets in Great Britain. The contracts in Scotland and England have given us an important foothold in the GB market, where there is a very substantial Polish community.

“We’ve also been immensely encouraged by the interest shown in the sausages and meats by local people. Feedback has indicated that they enjoy the distinctive flavour and rich meaty taste of products which are virtually handmade by an experienced and committed team,” he adds.

Kabanos sources pork from established Northern Ireland suppliers and creates the sausages and meats using a special curing process that produces a unique smoked flavour. The range currently consists of breakfast sausages, (similar to Frankfurters), a number of herb and garlic infused evening meal sausages, a range of salami style sandwich meats and smoked hams.