£1.2 million expansion by local IT specialist

Belfast-based IT services company Novosco is investing £1.2 million in a project that aims to raise its annual turnover by more than £3 million over the next two years, with support from Invest Northern Ireland.

Novosco specialises in the provision of high quality IT products, support and consultancy services to a range of organisations in the public and private sectors throughout the UK and Ireland.

The project is helping the firm to target new sales in external markets and focus on the development of innovative new products. In support of these objectives, the company has also implemented a fully integrated staff recruitment and training programme.

Patrick McAliskey, Managing Director of Novosco, said: “Developing business in new markets is crucial to our progression towards longer term goals, and this investment is already helping us to speed up our rate of expansion by capitalising on market opportunities outside Northern Ireland.

“Our current client base includes broadcasting organisations such as RTE and universities such as University College Dublin. We also provide services and support to construction engineers, insurance providers, councils and banks. All of these customers are benefiting from our innovative solutions which use the latest technology to meet their information and communication needs.

"Companies of any size can significantly reduce their carbon footprint and energy costs by using innovative virtualisation technology pioneered by Novosco.

“The running costs of most modern IT systems, in terms of energy consumption, can be greater than their initial purchase price.  With global oil prices at an all time high Novosco’s cost-effective technology is becoming a priority with IT managers and progressive companies.”

Mr McAliskey continued: “Invest NI’s support is enabling us to implement a new training programme that has already helped to add even more high value skills to our experienced workforce. This will help our staff to perform even better and ultimately provide a superior service to our clients.

“We recently recruited highly skilled technical staff to support our growing client base and maintain the high standard of service that we provide. Our recruitment drive will continue over the coming months as our sales and marketing campaigns leverage increased demand for our unique products and services.”

Ian Murphy, Invest NI’s Managing Director of Clients and Entrepreneurship, said: “In order for firms such as Novosco to realise their full potential and develop sustainable and profitable businesses, they must continue to exploit opportunities in export markets. This recent investment in growth activities and skills development can help Novosco to increase its competitiveness, productivity and sales capability.

“Projects like this are in line with Invest NI’s draft Corporate Plan which identifies promoting business growth and a competitive and outward looking economy amongst its key objectives,” added Mr Murphy.