£1.2 million investment to export computer game centre software

Bangor-based company GAMETHEWORLD is investing £1.2 million in a project that will help to export its unique computer game centre software to almost 100 countries and develop more new products, with support from Invest Northern Ireland.

GAMETHEWORLD has created ‘Fusion’, an innovative suite of software which benefits virtually every aspect of the operation of a modern computer game centre. The software interacts with many of the most popular computer games to produce real-time, automated statistics and ladders. This dramatically enhances the player’s experience and creates a unique level of healthy competition.  

‘Fusion’ also automates many aspects of the management of the centre by providing the capability for centre managers to track their financial performance, organise league competitions for players, improve the service provided and increase customer retention.

A key part of the investment will be the extension of the company’s distribution network throughout Europe, America and Asia. It will also support the research and development of new advanced products.

Ken Magee, Managing Director of GAMETHEWORLD, said: “GAMETHEWORLD’s newly created ‘Fusion’ software makes us a leader in the development of innovative products for game centres. It represents a diversification for the company into the software market and is a significant breakthrough in the computer game centre industry.

“The software provides a wide range of benefits for centre managers and customers, for example, player statistics and records can be compiled in real-time, enabling them to receive comprehensive information on their performances. Managers can also use this information to profile and segment their customers, enabling them to perform highly focused marketing campaigns.

“We have already signed a licensing deal with a Scandinavian company, Smartlaunch. The contract means that Smartlaunch will be able to distribute our software to their existing customer base - more than four thousand computer game facilities worldwide,” added Mr Magee.

“We plan to build on the foundation of this software in the future by continuing to focus on new niche product developments for the computer game centre market,” Mr Magee continued.

Ian Murphy, Invest NI’s Managing Director of Clients and Entrepreneurship, said: “This project demonstrates how leading-edge innovation can potentially facilitate entry into lucrative global markets. GAMETHEWORLD can realise its full commercial potential by maintaining its international focus and maximising the global sales of this breakthrough software.

“This is the type of investment that can contribute to significantly stronger exports, innovation and higher value added activities,” added Mr Murphy.

Since opening its first computer game facility in Bangor in 2004, GAMETHEWORLD has successfully franchised its centres across Northern Ireland, and expanded this franchise network more widely throughout the UK and Ireland, before entering the associated software market.