Quinnspares Invests £200k and Creates Five New Jobs

Quinnspares (NI) in Londonderry is investing £194,000 and providing five new jobs with assistance from Invest Northern Ireland to grow exports.

The company, based at Ardmore, is aiming to double online sales outside Northern Ireland of its packaged component services for domestic and other appliances. In addition to assistance towards five new jobs, Quinnspares has received support from Invest NI for its marketing activities including an expansion of its e-commerce operations.

Announcing assistance for Quinnspares, Des Gartland, Manager of Invest NI’s North West Regional Office, said: “This is an entrepreneurial business that has developed from a small family firm to a position of employing 16.

“The company now plans to expand its operations because of the high level of demand for its expertise in sourcing quality components for white goods, in particular from engineers locally and in export markets, by means of its e-commerce site.

“It is prospering through a strategic focus on offering its market expert value added services in terms of components required especially by engineers and others involved in the repair of domestic appliances throughout Europe.

“Our assistance has been shaped to enable the business to develop its e-commerce marketing and sales in markets it has identified outside Northern Ireland for the packaged components that it has already developed and those planned.

“It’s an excellent example of a small business that is successfully embracing e-commerce as its main growth channel,” he added.

Cahill Quinn, Online Sales Director at Quinnspares, said: “By harnessing internet technology we’ve expanded successfully from our initial business as a distributor in Northern Ireland of separate components. We saw an opportunity to grow our business beyond the island by offering an online service for those seeking components and pre-assembled kits.

“Currently, we have customers in markets such as France, Spain, Italy, Germany and even as far away as Japan. This investment is targeted at expanding business in Britain, Ireland and other parts of Europe, where research shows there are significant opportunities for our expert services. We will drive this strategy using social media to a much greater extent.

“Invest NI’s support for our marketing strategy and the development of our e-commerce website has been immensely encouraging and has enabled us to implement our plans quicker than would have been the case if we had to depend entirely on our own resources,” he added.

Quinnspares (N.I.) Ltd was established in 1988 to provide spares for white goods and other domestic appliances and currently employs 16 people.