Record Invest NI mission heads to China

Almost 50 directors and senior executives from 40 local companies will be seeking to develop business in Hong Kong and China on an Invest Northern Ireland organised trade mission from 24 November to 5 December.

The mission is one of the biggest ever from the United Kingdom to China and will be visiting the key commercial centres of Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shanghai.

This is the second mission to Chinese business centres organised by Invest NI over the past year and is a further indication of the agency’s commitment to help companies to identify and exploit business opportunities in one of the world’s most dynamic economies.  The extent of support for this mission from local companies also shows the scale of interest in the Chinese market.

The participating companies have been assisted by Invest NI’s dedicated Asia Team, its office in Shanghai and commercial staff at the British Diplomatic Posts in Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shanghai as well as bodies such as the China-Britain Business Council.

Mission participants have a range of in-market objectives that include trade, joint ventures and the sourcing of component parts. Several already have substantial business in China, including Delta Print and Packaging, which has a successful joint venture and Andor Technology, which has an office in Beijing, as well as Alpha Environmental, Audio Processing Technology, Botanica International, Irish Polymers and TR Shipping. The University of Ulster and Belfast Metropolitan College are also participating in the trade mission.

Twenty-one of the companies are visiting China for the first time on an Invest NI mission including: Autogen; Clonallon Laboratories; Glover Site Investigations; Hamilton Shipping; John J Doyle; Marlborough Engineering; Mindready Solutions; Scruttons (NI) and Wellington Computers.

“Among the most significant aspects of this mission is the breadth of products and services being presented to this immensely important marketplace,” says Alan Hingston, Invest NI’s Trade Director. “Our missions to China continue to grow steadily, making the market among the most popular in our annual Trade Events calendar. Companies have also been able to draw on the very practical support and expertise provided by staff at the Invest NI office in Shanghai.

“While we recognise now that manufacturing companies are increasingly seeking sourcing partnerships in China as a way to strengthen their competitiveness in other markets, the number of our businesses setting up trading operations in China is also growing. We are keen to help companies to develop alliances with Chinese enterprises that will enable them to market their products or services more successfully throughout this huge marketplace,” he adds.