Releasing Untapped Entrepreneurial Potential

The northwest's entrepreneurial spirit was in evidence last weekend when over 700 people turned out to register for the Start a business Show held in the Millennium Forum

Organised by Invest Northern Ireland, the Start a Business Show forms part of the economic development agency’s commitment to encourage and support more people to think about business opportunities and to take steps towards achieving success.

The steady stream of visitors over the two-day event represented all ages and a wide cross section of business interests. Almost 20% of those who attended have made appointments with business advisors for follow up interviews to help them progress their business ideas.

Professor Terri Scott, Managing Director with responsibility for Entrepreneurship in Invest Northern Ireland, comments: “The Start a Business Show was a successful end to our Northwest Go For It week, which focussed attention on the entrepreneurial potential of this region and the success of local businesses.

“It’s clear that there is still a lot of untapped potential here and we need to encourage more people to take the first steps. New business ventures create wealth and employment for the local community. They are essential to achieving a balanced and vibrant economy.

The Start a Business Show featured seminars by local and international speakers, including the world famous guru of creative thinking Edward de Bono and motivational speaker Watt Nicoll. The seminars, which ran several times over the weekend attracted capacity audiences throughout the weekend.

“Our experience of Start a Business Shows is that they generate a substantial number of prospects that lead to many new businesses and new jobs,” says Professor Scott. “Previous Start a Business Shows have helped over 4,000 people take forward their business ideas.

“The shows also give Invest NI and our enterprise partners an opportunity to showcase the wide range of support available and to reassure those setting up and building businesses that there is a strong team to support them every step of the way.”