Reusing construction waste generates £1.9m in cost savings for local companies

Craigavon company JNJ Crushing & Screening Ltd has helped local construction and demolition companies to achieve cost savings of £1.96 million by providing a mobile crushing and screening service.

JNJ Crushing & Screening Ltd operates on construction sites where waste is generated. The company provides a crushing service for the concrete waste which would otherwise go to landfill, producing valuable recycled material.

As a result, to date 37,500 tonnes of material have been diverted from landfill at a cost saving of approximately £50 per tonne and in its new crushed state the recycled material has generated additional sales of £206,250 for the companies involved.

JNJ Crushing & Screening identified the opportunity to offer its screening and crushing service to construction and demolition companies through involvement in a service delivered by Invest Northern Ireland, which focuses on industrial symbiosis.

The service connects businesses that have unused or wasted resources, such as materials, heat, transport, production capacity, skills or storage, to other businesses that could use those resources.

It also provides support and guidance on ways to maximise resource efficiencies.

Through the service JNJ Crushing & Screening has been introduced to companies seeking to reduce their concrete waste and generate new income streams from the aggregate produced from the crushing process.

Without the intervention of JNJ the concrete waste would be destined for landfill at significant cost.  The aggregate produced by the JNJ process meets the requirements of the quality protocol for recycled aggregate and is suitable for other construction projects or can be reused in the manufacture of concrete products.

Olive Hill, Invest NI’s Director of Technology and Process Development, says: “It is clear that the construction sector in Northern Ireland has been significantly impacted by the economic recession.  Identifying new income streams is therefore vital for this sector. By recycling their concrete waste through crushing to produce high quality aggregate, the companies not only save on landfill costs but also generate additional sales from this material. Added to this are the overall resource efficiencies that benefit everyone.”

John Minish, Managing Director of JNJ Crushing & Screening, said: Our active involvement in Invest NI’s industrial symbiosis service has helped us identify new business opportunities.  We are also helping the companies we work with to maintain environmental compliance, benefit from cost savings and generate additional sales. A win-win situation for us all!”