Sales increase to £7.5 million for environmental firm

Coleraine company, Alpha Environmental, has almost doubled its annual sales to £7.5 million with help from Invest Northern Ireland.

Alpha Environmental provides equipment and services to restore contaminated soil and water for both residential and industrial markets worldwide.

Commenting on the success of the company, Invest NI’s Director of Engineering and Business Services, Brian Dolaghan, said: “Alpha Environmental has achieved this remarkable increase in sales by developing innovative products and services, applying a strong customer-focused approach and consistently building its presence in markets outside Northern Ireland. By focusing on customer needs, implementing targeted marketing campaigns and generating significant profits in external markets, businesses such as Alpha Environmental can create wealth and help drive our economy forward.

“Having developed a range of customers in the Republic of Ireland and Great Britain, Alpha Environmental looked further afield and has expanded its business in the Middle East and Nigeria over the past 16 months. Invest NI is now helping the company to implement its export marketing plan and develop even more sales throughout central Europe.”

A wide range of support has been offered by Invest NI to help the company with marketing, staff training, customer relationship management and attendance at trade exhibitions.

Dr Alan McClure, Chairman and Chief Executive of Alpha Environmental, said: “The outstanding success that we have achieved recently is a direct result of the innovative and highly entrepreneurial ethos that exists throughout Alpha Environmental. Our staff constantly strive to find ways to improve our products and services, and we constantly look for new business opportunities in foreign markets.

“A considerable number of our customers are insurance companies which avail of our services to decontaminate accidentally polluted soil and water for their clients. With support from Invest NI, we have successfully promoted our offering to new clients in this sector and gained a number of major contracts, including one with the Davies Group in England.”

Dr McClure continued: “We have strengthened our approach to customer service and appointed a Customer Service Manager, along with a team of customer service advisors, to ensure that we continue to offer solutions that meet the needs of our clients and maintain strong growth.”