Seminar Highlights Power of Search Engines

An Invest Northern Ireland seminar to advise Northern Ireland businesses on driving Internet traffic to their websites has attracted so much interest that it is to be simultaneously broadcast over the internet.

The half day seminar will feature some of the leading players in the Internet search engine world including Bryan Schreier, of Google, Daniel Mohacek, of Overture and local expert Barry Lloyd of

Over 350 business people will attend the seminar, which will be opened by Leslie Morrison, Chief Executive of Invest NI.

He says “This is an exciting event which will simultaneously advise businesses about successful internet marketing strategies and show the power of the internet in operation as the event is web cast.

“With the Internet, Northern Ireland companies no longer have to suffer the problem of peripherality and can actively compete in the global marketplace.
But with over eight billion websites it is easy to see why competition to get a top listing in the search engines is fierce.

“Search engines are responsible for driving over 70% of traffic to websites so their importance cannot be overstated. Every month over 150 million people use search engines to find products and services on the Internet, so companies that know how to make search engines work for them have a huge marketing advantage.”

The seminar will give participants an overview of how search engines work, including the hugely successful Google search engine. It will also explain how different models, such as the ‘Pay per Click’ model and the ‘Paid Inclusion’ model, work to get websites listed in the top results of major search engines.

To watch and listen to the event you can log on to anytime on Tuesday 27 April from 10.00am to 1.30pm.