Sepha Wins £400,000 Deal in USA

Dundonald based engineering company Sepha has won a new contract in the US worth around £400,000 for its market leading technology used in the inspection of blister packs and the recovery of product from faulty packs.

Invest Northern Ireland has offered the company a range of market development and R&D support over recent years to enable it to grow sales in international markets and to develop its technologies which are used mainly in the pharmaceutical industry.

Invest NI’s support is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

The new contract is the company’s largest ever single order to the US and has been sold via its Chicago based distributor, Service Industries. Sepha’s new US business was announced by Head of Sales and Marketing for Sepha, Paul Kelly, and welcomed by Ian Murphy, Invest NI’s Director of Growth and Scaling.

Mr Kelly said: “This is a tremendously important contract for us with one of the leading US food manufacturers. The business is for two aspects of our leading edge technology, namely, detecting leaks in blister packs and recovering product from such packs.

“Our equipment is non-destructive thereby enabling product to be recovered for sale and faulty packaging material to be recycled. The contract is significant in that it has enabled us to prove the benefits of our cost saving technology to the food industry, a new market segment for us.

“Invest NI’s support for our growth strategy including product development and entry to international markets is immensely important. Its assistance is enabling us, to develop our global distribution network especially in the US which is an important market for us,” he added.

Mr Murphy, commenting on Sepha’s latest success, said: “This is an entrepreneurial company which is focused on sustained high growth through continuous investment in R&D and in the resources required for international sales. Through a commitment to innovation the company has become a global industry leader in the development and marketing of leak detection and deblistering technology.

“We are working closely with the management team to support what is proving to be an extremely successful export drive through new product development, the expansion of distributors, and participation in international trade exhibitions.”