Six Seek Business Allies in Japan for Faster Growth

Six Northern Ireland companies are visiting Tokyo from 3-10 September on an Invest NI mission to explore opportunities for strategic alliances with Japanese companies.

The group, which includes four from Northern Ireland's fast growing biotech/life sciences sector and two long established engineering companies, will be meeting senior executives from leading Japanese businesses during the week-long mission.

Most of the participating companies are already doing business in Japan and are seeking to drive sales forward there and also to access opportunities in other parts of the vast Asia Pacific region, including China, by means of partnerships with Japanese businesses.

The mission has been organised by Invest NI’s Strategic Business Alliance Unit, part of the Trade division.

Alan Hingston, Invest NI's Trade director, says: "Strategic alliances as often a very efficient and effective route for established businesses seeking to accelerate growth in a target market. Local companies are increasingly exploring as a way of increasing their international business and are working with our Strategic Business Alliance Unit to achieve this.

“The unit offers a dedicated resource to actively promote strategic partnerships as a route to developing trade and company growth and is in line our Corporate Plan commitment on international linkages.

”The primary objective is to stimulate international business growth, through the opening up of new channels to market, the exploitation of new technologies and products, and the exchange of knowledge between relevant partners to maximise potential global opportunities.”

The unit, Mr Hingston adds, helps to Identify potential global opportunities for Northern Ireland companies which will provide them with competitive advantage; co-ordinates and provides information on global business alliances for local companies and provides an access point for companies outside Northern Ireland to identify and develop strategic alliances for business growth.

A number of local companies have already been helped to identify and agree partnerships in key markets such as the US, India and the Middle East.