Software Innovator Expands

MetaCompliance, the Londonderry-based Software business has announced a £127,000 expansion programme, assisted by Invest NI. The growth will see the company further expand its reach into the UK, ROI and European markets.

The MetaCompliance product suite includes IT Governance, Risk and Compliance (IT GRC) solutions that enable organisations to automate, enforce and manage the key tasks associated with user awareness and employee engagement for information assurance. These tasks include risk assessment, the measurement of an organisation’s IT security position, policy management & e-Learning.

The company, previously known as Baronscourt Technology, is the leading provider of IT GRC software in the UK and helps government and business clients such as The Scottish Government, NHS for Scotland, Travelex, Central Bank of Ireland and Financial Service Regulator, and Nama achieve and demonstrate best practice policy compliance and user awareness.

The explosion of regulations surrounding policy awareness and information governance (PCI DSS, Data Protection, Information Governance and Anti-Bribery 2010) and accompanying headlines in the media reporting hefty fines for data breaches, highlights the need for organisations to protect their customer’s sensitive data while protecting their company reputation. Automation is the most efficient and effective method of achieving and demonstrating this.

MetaCompliance has been offered assistance of £33,750 by Invest NI towards the costs of the expansion programme which will also see the company’s workforce rise from seven at present to 12 by the end of next year.  

Assistance to the technology-led company was announced by Des Gartland, Invest NI North West Regional Office Manager, at MetaCompliance’s offices in the North West Business Complex, Skeogh, where Managing Director Robert O’Brien detailed the expansion plans.

Mr Gartland said: “This is an important strategic investment by an established and successful software specialist in a sector that will enable it to strengthen its market position in Great Britain, the Republic of Ireland and further afield. Our support has been shaped to help this innovative and progressive company to develop the necessary organisation to compete successfully in these challenging markets.”

“In particular, we are helping the company to strengthen its knowledge and expertise in the key areas of business development, sales and marketing, software design engineering and training. This will mean, of course, good quality employment opportunities in these important business disciplines.”

“This a further example of our focus on encouraging and assisting the growth of technology-led businesses especially in niche markets outside Northern Ireland. MetaCompliance’s success to date is helping to establish the North West and Londonderry in particular as an emerging European software centre, an emergence in line with our commitment to help transform the economy here into one driven by technology businesses with innovative products and services for markets outside Northern Ireland.”

Mr O’Brien said: “Our objective in making this significant investment is to further establish the business as the UK market leader and extend our reach in this niche market by keeping our focus firmly on expansion and innovation.”

“MetaCompliance experienced strong growth last year and the time is now right for us to expand and capitalise on the need for our product in the current economic and regulatory climate.

“To help us achieve this objective, we will be recruiting new employees with strong skillsets who will support our plan to accelerate the growth of the business through product innovation and a sharper international focus.”

“Invest NI’s assistance will help move the business to the next stage of market growth by increasing the capability of the company to service both its public and private client base, and to expand its geographic selling area throughout the UK, the Republic of Ireland and Europe.”