Strategy Helps Business Exploit New Technology

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) today unveiled its regional Technology Strategy and Programme at the Innovation Centre in Belfast. The launch, which was co-hosted by Invest Northern Ireland, introduced the rationale behind the significant development in government policy relating to the technology sector with the help of speakers from the business and science base.

Recognising that businesses today are facing increasing global competition, one of the DTI objectives is to increase technological innovation in the UK, with a view to improving productivity and gaining recognition for the UK as a global hub of innovation.
Under the Technology Strategy, the Programme will help businesses exploit technologies by providing some of the funding and sharing some of the risk in taking new and innovative technologies to market. It is underpinned by a long-term funding commitment and will be delivered through open competitive calls for applications.

Opening the event, Tracy Meharg of Invest NI said: “From an Invest NI perspective, we are only too aware that our businesses today are facing global competition like never before. At the same time, technology, scientific understanding and global communications are advancing at speeds previously unfathomed, creating a more competitive and challenging climate for business. Add to this an ever-demanding customer-base and we begin to see why the need for a Technology Strategy is so very vital.”
Calls for collaborative R&D proposals in technology areas including Bioprocessing, Environmentally Friendly Transport and Renewable Technologies were announced on 26th April. Calls for applications in the area of Nanotechnology are currently being received online at
Further information on the Technology Programme can be obtained from