Stream saves £1m through improved practices

Invest Northern Ireland has helped Londonderry based Stream International (NI) Ltd to save almost £1 million by continuously improving its processes.

Stream specialises in the provision of contact centre services to leading international IT companies. With the help of Invest NI, the company employed a Business Improvement Agent (BIA), who was tasked with saving £350,000 for the company over three years. The BIA at Stream helped to save almost three times this target.

Improvements were made to the call handling system, reducing the amount of time taken to deploy engineers and issue parts to customers. The improvements also resulted in an increased number of calls being handled and higher levels of customer satisfaction, leading to increased business from major clients.

Victor Jordan, Invest NI’s Director of Business Improvement Services, said: “Stream has demonstrated that significant savings can be achieved by constantly exploring ways to improve core processes. The costs of neglecting process improvements are often hidden, and it is clear that by implementing more efficient procedures companies can experience an increase in profitability.”

Jeff Jennings, Managing Director of Stream International (NI) Ltd, commented: “The impact on our staff has been of particular importance. The introduction of more precisely targeted staff recruitment procedures and training programmes has reduced recruitment costs, increased skills levels and improved the overall quality of service to customers.

“Invest NI’s advice and support with this initiative was a major factor in the achievement of such high savings for Stream. The benefits to the company are clear to see from the reduction in the number of repeat calls from customers and the increased number of valuable contracts gained with some of our most important clients.”

Stream’s participation in the Business Improvement Agent programme was part funded by the EU Programme for Peace and Reconciliation.