Technology innovator on track for european export success


Belfast technology company i-Track Networks has been assisted by Invest Northern Ireland to exploit business opportunities in key European markets including Germany for its highly innovative wireless gauge to monitor heating oil and other liquids.

The company, which is based at the Innovation Centre, Titanic Quarter, has won its first sales in France and has teamed up with a major European manufacturer of rotational and blow moulded tanks to develop further business in Europe.

i-Track Networks also has a trading agreement with Clarehill Plastics in Moira, manufacturer of marketing leading Harlequin tanks, for the supply of gauges.

The breakthrough in Europe was announced by Les Curran, Managing Director of i-Track Networks, and welcomed by Dr Vicky Kell, Invest NI Trade Director. The company was formed in September 2011 with assistance from Invest NI to help bring the new technology to market faster. Advice and guidance of European market opportunities was provided through Invest NI.

Mr Curran said: “Our i-Track device provides the most accurate monitoring of oil data available on the market today – including usage, spend, Co2 emissions etc. in both commercial and domestic oil tanks.

“The wireless monitoring gauge can turn an oil tank into a radically new intelligent tank which helps in saving money and reducing energy consumption through software that analyses both oil usage and spend per day/week/ month and year.

“A unique feature is a remote alarm system which alerts the householder in the event of an unexpected fuel loss or theft. The alarm feature is also a useful means of being alerted when oil in the tank is about to run out.

“Invest NI’s support in the development of the system and most recently in marketing it to our target market of tank manufacturers in Europe has been immensely important. Invest NI’s advisers have a wealth of experience in Europe and have helped us to identify manufacturing partners and set up a series of meetings there,” he added.

Dr Vicky Kell, commenting on the support provided to the company, said: “i-Track used our support to develop an export approach for the relevant markets and to help to pinpoint potential partners in target European markets.

“Our service enabled the company to access tailored support from one of our marketing professionals to identify and approach several potential partners specialising in the manufacture and sale of plastic tanks for the storage of liquids including heating and other oils. i-Track has an impressive product with significant export potential.

“As a result of expert support provided by Invest NI, the company successfully followed up the contacts made and is on-line to expand sales outside Northern Ireland in its target European markets.

“The company has also identified other exciting applications for its innovative technology which will enable it to expand and diversify its business,” added Dr Kell.