TOMCAT on the pulse with cardiac software system

Belfast company TOMCAT Clinical Systems has achieved major export success with high-tech medical software developed as part of a £500,000 investment supported by Invest Northern Ireland.

The company, having already sold the system to over 65 hospitals across the UK and Republic of Ireland, has now secured two significant orders from hospitals in Canada. Following this success, and its participation in a recent Invest NI trade mission to the United Arab Emirates, the firm now hopes to enter markets across Europe and the Middle East.

Invest NI offered around £130,000 of research and development support to TOMCAT Clinical Systems for the development of the innovative cardiac information software.

The software replaces paper-based records, enabling hospitals to quickly and easily manage all the patient information generated by their heart and lung departments. The latest version can interact with a whole range of other hospital IT systems and clinical equipment, thereby ensuring both clinical and administrative staff have a full picture of a patient’s cardiac history.

Stephen Gunning, Managing Director of TOMCAT Clinical Systems, says: “We are delighted to have secured these orders from Canada, They are a result of a lot of hard work by everyone in the business.”

“With the help of Invest NI, we now have a system which, due to its increased functionality and flexibility, is not only the market leader in the UK, but is also now clearly internationally competitive.

“We are currently working to generate further export revenue by setting up partnerships with international agents and following up the leads we generated on our recent trip to the Emirates and Saudi Arabia.”

John Thompson, Invest NI’s Director of Innovation, Research and Technology, said: “Northern Ireland has a vibrant and competitive ICT sector which makes a significant contribution to the local economy. A key factor for stimulating further growth is the ability to innovate, turning knowledge-based research into commercial opportunity, particularly for export.

“By demonstrating a commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, TOMCAT Clinical Systems has developed a product which will enable it to compete in what is a difficult international market. This investment enables the company to build on its success so far and go on to generate even more revenue from exports.”