TruCorp launches world first products at Medica 2011


TruCorp, the Belfast-based market leading developer of high-tech training devices for anaesthetists, is to launch two highly innovative products at Medica 2011, from 16-19 November, in Dusseldorf, the world’s biggest event for the medical industry.

The company, which is part of a 12-strong Invest Northern Ireland group of local companies attending the exhibition, is launching two new manikins for training surgeons in techniques for treating children with Pierre Robin Syndrome and patients with micro laryngeal cancers on the vocal cords.

Pierre Robin Syndrome is a condition, present at birth, in which the infant has a smaller than normal lower jaw, a tongue that falls back in the throat, as well as difficulty breathing. Symptoms include cleft soft palate and a small jaw often placed far back in the throat.

The new products were announced by Michael Calo, TruCorp’s Vice President of Business Development, and welcomed by Dr Vicky Kell, Invest NI’s Trade Director, during a visit to the company. TruCorp will be showing the new products at the exhibition and in a series of scheduled meetings with both existing and potential customers in the medical equipment industry.

Dr Kell said: “TruCorp is an entrepreneurial business with a sharp and successful focus on innovation in global life sciences. Over the past year the company has achieved a 15 per cent growth in business and is projecting growth of around 12 per cent next year. TruCorp has established an impressive reputation in the development of products which are vital to surgeons, particularly those involved in the most delicate surgical techniques.

“The company has achieved global market leadership in its niche in a remarkably short period of time. Key elements in this success have been the dedication to innovation and aggressive marketing especially in the US, the world’s biggest market for products and expert services in life sciences. TruCorp’s strategy is in line with Invest NI’s focus on assisting entrepreneurial, innovative and globally engaged companies in key sectors such as medical devices.

“We have been encouraging and assisting companies such as TruCorp to attend the Medica exhibition over many years. The show is the best possible springboard for Northern Ireland life science companies to unveil new products and to keep abreast of developments within this fast developing global industry.”

Outlining the new products, Mr Calo said: “We are excited by the market potential of both products from initial feedback that we’ve received from both existing and potential clients particularly in the huge US marketplace, which currently accounts for almost 70 per cent of our business. Both products represent a significant diversification for TruCorp into new market segments and will widen our existing portfolio.

“The manikin for Pierre Robin Syndrome is already attracting considerable attention because it’s the only one on the market designed to help surgeons insert tubes safely into the throat of a young child. Intubation for children with the condition can be very challenging and potentially dangerous.

“The new manikin is based on our successful AirSim Baby for training surgeons in advanced airway and resuscitation techniques. The ENT manikin is also an important innovation that will assist in the treatment, for example, of patients with cancerous growths of their vocal cords, which require delicate surgery.

“The two products are the latest developments from our extensive R&D programme which has received assistance from Invest NI. Our strategy is to build on our existing position as the global market leader in the development of realistic manikins which are anatomically correct simulation systems and bring new levels of realism to medical training.

“Our existing range of AirSim products is now used worldwide by virtually all the leading manufacturers of laryngeal masks, endotracheal tubes and video laryngoscopes. The experience that we’ve gained working with these companies, anaesthetists and surgeons worldwide has enabled us to pinpoint other applications for our expertise in the development of realistic training manikins,” added Mr Calo.