Unicorn Mouldings in export breakthrough in Baltics

Unicorn Mouldings, which has production operations in Lisburn and Markethill, has been assisted by Invest Northern Ireland to win its first business in Lithuania for its highly innovative PVC flooring system.

The company has supplied around €30,000 worth of its industry leading tiles to a major distributor in Vilnius, the Lithuanian capital, following its participation in an Invest NI trade mission to the Baltic region in March. Invest NI also helped the company access up-to-date market research data in preparing for the mission.

Unicorn’s success in Lithuania was announced by the company’s Export Sales Manager Natasha Mitchell and welcomed by Dr Vicky Kell, Invest NI Trade Director.

Natasha Mitchell said: “We knew very little about the Baltics until we attended an Invest NI seminar on the region and then were provided with the opportunity to go on the trade mission. We are always interested in exploring new markets for our products and decided to seek market research help from Invest NI about opportunities in the three markets of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

“The research also pinpointed several potential distributors for our products. This led us to sign up for the mission and to use the opportunity provided to meet potential partners. We looked closely at what each could offer us and, on a return visit in August, we appointed our distributor in Lithuania.

“We’ve been immensely encouraged by their level of commitment and proposals to market there. Our new Lithuanian distributor is working closely with us and is setting aside time and other resources to market our products effectively to commercial and residential customers throughout the country,” she added.

Dr Kell, commenting on Unicorn’s success in the market, said: “Lithuania is the biggest, and economically the strongest, of the three Baltic markets that we’ve targeted as offering significant business opportunities for our companies, especially small and medium sized enterprises. It has been enjoying comparatively strong growth since achieving independence and moving to a market-led economy. As result, Lithuania is often described at the Baltic Tiger economy.

“Lithuania is also a small and business friendly nation of just three million people which makes it a good market for SMEs, particularly first time exporters, to gain experience and expertise in exporting. In addition, the country is an ideal springboard to neighbouring markets such as Latvia, Estonia and, of course, Russia.”

Unicorn Mouldings is the leading manufacturer of Flexi-Tile loose lay interlocking floor tiles for industrial flooring as well as commercial and domestic applications. It operates internationally; exporting to key European markets such as France, Germany and the Netherlands, and has sales worldwide.