Waste Management Leads to Increased Profit for Local Agri-Food and Drink Companies

As part of a series of events focusing on effective waste management, Envirowise, with support from Invest Northern Ireland will host two specialist seminars on the 28th February and 1st March for businesses operating in the agri-food and drink sector.

Called ‘Food Environmental Efficiency Day’ or FEED the first event will take place at Loughry Campus, CAFRE, Cookstown and will cater to the unique needs of meat processing firms. The second seminar will take place at the Armagh City Hotel and has been designed for fruit and vegetable processing companies; both events will run from 2-4pm.

According to Envirowise UK agri-food and drink companies generate at least 10%, 10 million tonnes, of the total waste produced by UK business every year. However by adopting the simple, low cost measures discussed at the seminars local businesses will be able to make savings of up to 25% of their total waste management costs.

Commenting on the events Sam McCloskey, Envirowise’s local agent, said:

“We have a proven track record in supporting the agri-food and drink sector, having already provided practical help and on-site advice to over 200 companies across Northern Ireland.

By following the advice highlighted at these seminars, businesses here will be able to make real cost savings, increase their competitiveness and minimize their environmental impact.”

The seminars have been organised in conjunction with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) and are in line with the recommendations of  ‘Fit for Market’, the government backed strategy designed to promote the growth of Northern Ireland’s agri-food and drink industry.

Speaking on behalf of Invest NI and DARD, Maynard Mawhinney, Director of Food at Invest Northern Ireland said:

“These events are an excellent opportunity for local agri-food and drink companies to learn more about resource efficiency, which can help them to reduce their operating costs and increase their competitive advantage.

“With recent government legislation putting pressure on businesses, to reduce their environmental impact, participation at these events will be of major benefit to local companies,” he continued.