Water Tecnik Congratulated on New Export Deal


Enterprise, Trade and Investment Minister Jonathan Bell has congratulated Banbridge based engineering company, Water Tecnik, on winning a new £150,000 contract in England.

Congratulating the company, Jonathan Bell said: “Water Tecnik is a very ambitious company and is using this ambition to drive sales internationally. Since its establishment two years ago the company has grown into a dynamic and forward looking business.

“The company developed its dissolved air floatation system with R&D support from Invest Northern Ireland. It has now brought the new product to market and secured this new export deal.

“Innovation and export are very important to the growth of our economy and I am confident that Water Tecnik’s recent success will encourage other local businesses to seek advice and support from Invest NI to take similar steps for their business.”

The contract, secured with London based specialist plastic recycling facility, PlasRecycle, is estimated to be worth £150,000. Water Tecnik has benefited from over £50,000 of Invest NI support for a range of assistance including R&D support and marketing.

Water Tecnik Company directors Adam Mackin and Dean Church said: “We are delighted that PlasRecycle selected us to design, manufacture and install a dedicated wastewater recycling system on its site. What helped us to secure this growth is our commitment to innovation, including investing in R&D to develop specialist products that improve wastewater efficiency.

“The support we have received from Invest NI has been instrumental in our growth to date. Through its support we gained access to a marketing consultant to complete research in the GB and Rol markets and we hope this research will identify new opportunities and lead to a further increase in sales internationally.”

Invest NI’s Grant for R&D is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund under the EU Investment for Growth and Jobs Programme 2014-2020.