Invest NI Helps Local Company go Global

May 17, 2005

A local company that has developed a highly innovative device for training medical staff is poised to become an international success.

TruCorp, a Queen’s University spin-out company, has created a patient simulation mannequin called AirSim.  A faithful reproduction of the human airway anatomy, AirSim has proven to be invaluable as a training aid by making it easier for health professionals to learn and develop airway management skills. The airway behaves like a human airway would when being manipulated and provides positive feedback during and after correct placement of an airway device.

The company has identified a niche market opportunity in the global medical devices sector and with the help of Invest Northern Ireland is launching its product into the US, UK and European markets.

Ian Murphy, Invest NI’s director of creative and design based industries, says: “Invest NI is keen to support this kind of young company, founded on leading edge technology and with the potential to trade globally. To create a strong economy we need innovative products like AirSim, that can claim a share of international markets.

“TruCorp’s product is greatly superior to other devices currently on the market and the company recognises that it needs to develop a proactive and concerted international sales and marketing strategy to exploit its potential.

“We are working closely with TruCorp to help it accelerate its export market development, establish and manage an effective international distribution network and therefore fully commercialise its R&D activities.”

Invest NI is also supporting the company to develop a new electronic sensor-based product. The new product, E-Sim, is an airway mannequin that provides feedback to accurately assess medical staff’s airway insertion skills.

Colin Foster, chief executive of TruCorp, comments: “The E-Sim will provide data to measure intubation performance and will be revolutionary in training and educating medical staff in airway management.  

“We’re hoping to have E-Sim market ready by next January, and believe that it will truly differentiate Trucorp from its competitors and create significant global market sales opportunities. In the meantime, with Invest NI’s support, we are confident that we can establish a firm foothold in key markets in Europe and the US for our AirSim product.”

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