Invest NI Support Results in Rise in Business Starts in Fermanagh-Omagh

Jul 08, 2014
Invest Northern Ireland support during 2013/14 has resulted in 408 new jobs promoted in the Fermanagh-Omagh super council area. 
The number of businesses supported increased by 31 per cent on last year and the number of offers made was also up, by 17 per cent. Among significant investments in the area were growth projects from Terex GB and Telestack Ltd.
The statistics also show a large number of people wishing to start a new business during the period, with 358 people receiving Invest NI support. The Regional Start Initiative promoted 183 new jobs as a result of new business starts.
Investment in research and development (R&D) increased by 242 per cent on last year, another measure of increased business confidence in the area.
Mary Gormley, Invest NI’s Western Regional Manager, said: “New businesses being formed and R&D investment in the area are all immensely encouraging indications of steadily improving business confidence as economic recovery gathers pace.
“Support through the Regional Start Initiative also shows that entrepreneurial activity is strengthening in the Fermanagh-Omagh region, which should encourage further employment opportunities in the years ahead.”
Invest NI has put in place processes to enable accurate reporting of the actual number of jobs created as a direct result of the projects which it has assisted. In doing so, Invest NI is the first development agency in the United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland to report in this way across all its job support initiatives.
“We now have the ability to analyse all offers of financial support which were ‘live’ at the beginning of our Corporate Plan period (2011-12) and extracted job creation against these offers. This shows that 916 new jobs have been created in the Fermanagh-Omagh super council area in last three years,” added Mary.

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