Invest NI Support to Deliver Almost 4,300 New Jobs in Belfast Area

Jul 08, 2014

Invest Northern Ireland support in 2013/14 has promoted 4,293 new jobs in the new Belfast super council area.

The year also saw significant rises in offers, assistance and investment on the previous year. Offers increased by 12 per cent, assistance by 170 per cent and investment by 184 per cent during 2013/14.

Total jobs promoted increased by 115 per cent over the 12 months, 67 per cent of which last year were within Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) companies such as EY, Concentrix and Novosco choosing to locate or expand their operations in the wider council area.

In addition, entrepreneurial activity continued to strengthen and 283 jobs were promoted through the Regional Start Initiative.

Moira Loughran, Invest NI’s Eastern Regional Manager, said: “Our support for new and existing companies, both FDI businesses and locally owned companies, is making a very significant contribution to the development of local economy in terms of investment and employment. Invest NI support, for example, leveraged total investment in the Belfast area of £616 million.”

Invest Northern Ireland has put in place processes to enable accurate reporting of the actual number of jobs created as a direct result of the projects which it has assisted. In doing so, Invest NI is the first development agency in the United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland to report in this way across all its job support initiatives.

“We now have the ability to analyse all offers of financial support which were ‘live’ at the beginning of our Corporate Plan period (2011-12) and extracted job creation against these offers. This shows that 5,528 new jobs have been created in total in the Belfast area in the last three years,” added Moira.

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