New Invest NI chief executive visits North West

Apr 30, 2009

Invest Northern Ireland’s new Chief Executive, Alastair Hamilton, recently visited businesses in the North West region to discuss how the agency can continue to support firms effectively and ensure that they emerge as strongly as possible when economic growth returns.

Mr Hamilton visited a number of Invest NI clients in the region, including Singularity and Fujitsu, as part of a wider visit to the area where he met with representatives of the various Councils and Enterprise Agencies.

Speaking during his visit to the area, Mr Hamilton said: “The top priority for myself and my colleagues at Invest NI is our client base. We are fully focused on meeting the needs of our client companies by delivering innovative solutions to help them increase their profits, achieve commercial success and boost the Northern Ireland economy.

“Invest NI has made over 2,300 offers of support to our clients in the North West Regional Office area. Our support has resulted in investment commitments by our clients of over half a billion pounds in this area, demonstrating that we have been working effectively in the region.”

Mr Hamilton added: “The North West, akin to the rest of Northern Ireland, has fallen victim to the economic slowdown which has resulted in a considerable drop in demand for local products and services, and the associated job losses with which we are all too familiar.

“This visit allows me to hear from stakeholders and client companies about how they believe Invest NI can help local companies to navigate the current economic downturn and prepare effectively for the future. It also gives me an opportunity to outline the variety of financial and practical support mechanisms that we have in place to help our client companies through this difficult time. These include our £5 million Accelerated Support Fund, from which our clients can receive assistance up to the value of £50,000 for suitable projects that will help them to cope during the slowdown and manage their long term success.

“I am committed to ensuring that we do all we can to help Northern Ireland companies to succeed by implementing valuable, innovative and export focused projects during the economic downturn and beyond.”

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