Northern Ireland Recruitment Company Expands its Operation to Dubai

Apr 14, 2005

Rutledge Joblink, the Coleraine-based staff training and recruitment company, has set up an office in Invest Northern Ireland’s Technology and Development Centre (NITDC) in Dubai.

The company has identified an opportunity to train and supply staff for Dubai’s fast growing hospitality sector. Significant investment by the government there has helped to develop a world class tourism industry.

Rutledge Joblink will provide personnel needs for companies located in Dubai from its training centre which opened in the Philippines last year. The company is considering expanding the Dubai office into a fully fledged staff training and development centre.

The company, which has recruitment and training offices in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, already has exclusive arrangements with several leading hotel groups in the Emirates to provide trained staff. NITDC in Dubai helped Rutledge Joblink to pinpoint business opportunities in the Gulf state.

Rutledge Joblink, which employs around 100 people, was part of a 14-company trade mission which visited Qatar, Oman and Dubai from 18-28 February.

Alan Hingston, Invest NI’s Trade director, said: “There are substantial opportunities in the Gulf for many Northern Ireland companies, particularly those providing expert services.

“Dubai’s investment in the development of tourism facilities and attractions is creating opportunities for companies offering relevant products and services. NITDC offers Northern Ireland companies the initial platform, along with expertise and contacts to help them establish a presence in one of the world’s most dynamic international marketplaces.”

Jonathan Doherty, managing director of Rutledge Joblink, said: “We are excited about the business opportunities we’ve identified in Dubai, where the world’s leading hotel groups are part of a considerable expansion in tourism facilities. As a result, demand for the quality staff training and development services that we provide is exceptionally strong.

“We’re already supplying staff locally in Dubai and some 200 people are in training there. This will enable us to provide a quick response with a high quality training service that customers there are demanding,” he added.

Three companies are also using the NITDC facilities on a regular basis:- Mivan International of Antrim; Land Survey Services, Belfast; and MWM Sports Management from Holywood.

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