Texam boosting business in Saudi Arabia

Dec 16, 2011

Picture: Parkway Photography

Pictured announcing the contracts at the company’s premises are John McGuigan, Texam Managing Director, and Dr Vicky Kell, Invest NI Trade Director.

Texam in Lisburn has used Invest Northern Ireland trade missions to win a series of contracts from major manufacturing operations in Saudi Arabia.

Texam, a leading supplier of power transmission and conveying products, has taken part in missions to key Saudi business centres such as Riyadh, Jeddah and Damman over the past two years.

The contracts, the company’s first in one of the Middle East’s most dynamic markets, were announced by John McGuigan, Texam Managing Director, and welcomed by Dr Vicky Kell, Invest NI Trade Director.

Speaking during a visit to the company, which employs 10 people, at Blaris Industrial Estate, Dr Kell said: “Texam’s success is an excellent example of a smaller company which has identified and grasped the opportunities now developing strongly from the growth of the manufacturing industry in Saudi Arabia.

“The kingdom is diversifying beyond its historic oil focus to become a major manufacturing centre for the region; a strategic development the Saudi authorities are encouraging and assisting. By supporting substantial investments, including developing manufacturing operations, the kingdom aims to provide greater opportunities for its growing population of young people and thereby broaden and strengthen the region’s skill base.

“As a result of this approach, prospects for our companies in manufacturing machinery and the required supporting services, including professional services such as management/employee development, will continue to grow.

“We have already achieved significant success in these areas but additional future opportunities are evident. Our trade experts in Saudi and the surrounding Middle East markets have considerable expertise and a network of contacts in the region to assist our companies. Using these unique resources large and small companies across a broad range of industries have taken advantage of the business opportunities identified,” added Dr Kell.

Mr McGuigan said: “While the initial contracts are small by our standards, they have given us a platform for growth in this important marketplace. What’s also significant and immensely encouraging about the contracts is that they have been placed by major manufacturers there including a Fonterra subsidiary, one of the biggest dairy processing operations in the region.

“Invest NI trade missions and market experts are a very beneficial and economic way for a smaller company to do business particularly in the Middle East. My participation in the missions has enabled me to visit Saudi Arabia four times in the past two years.

“We’ve also used the missions to form a strategic partnership there with a company which will distribute and install our machinery. Finding the right strategic partner in Saudi Arabia is essential for companies really serious about the market and determined to do significant business there.

“Visiting a market like Saudi Arabia on a regular basis is essential because building relationships with business people there is vitally important. There’s camaraderie between Northern Ireland companies on missions, which also facilitate an exchange of knowledge and business leads between participants.”

Texam has longstanding business in the Sudan, where the company supplied a conveying system to a manufacturer in Khartoum.

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