Qualifying for financial support

Because our resources are limited we use them to support those businesses that can make the biggest contribution to the economy.

If your business can show that it intends to sell outside Northern Ireland, is actively pursuing growth plans and will contribute to increasing productivity and innovation in Northern Ireland, you may be able to qualify for financial assistance.

The criteria to become an Account Managed customer within Invest Northern Ireland is as follows:

  • Actual Turnover >= £250k
  • Actual External Sales >= 25% or £250k per annum
  • Growth Potential

Where Growth Potential is defined as:

  • Potential Employment Growth >= 20% or >=20 jobs within 3 years, or
  • Potential External Sales Growth >=20% or >=£500k within 3 years, or
  • Potential increase in GVA / employee >= 20% within 3 years

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