New to R&D

You have arrived at the New to R&D page. Substantial benefits await companies that are prepared to invest in research and development.

It can be the first step to producing a truly world-class product, enhanced process or service. It can lead to more sales, new global customers and bigger profits. Read 7 key advantages of R&D for small business.

R&D doesn’t need a white coat or a lab. R&D is just the process of planning a project and using your skills to develop new or better products, processes and services and giving customers what they want.

And to get you going we can provide up to £50,000 of support towards your costs.

To help us provide the right support for your new research and development project we need you to answer the questions below:

1. Are you planning to develop a new product, improve a process or develop a service that can be sold outside of Northern Ireland?
2. Does your new product, improved process or service demonstrate a clear unique selling point that is better than your competitors?
3. Can you undertake at least 50% of the development work in your business premises?
4. Will development costs for the project exceed £15,000 and, if so, can you afford to pay at least 50% of the costs?
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It does not appear that you are in a position to apply for R&D funding, for further guidance please: