Recent events regarding Brexit could lead to volatility in current supply chains.

With the world becoming increasingly connected, protecting a supply chain can become ever more complex and expose your business to new risks. We have identified the urgent actions companies need to take now to minimise the impact post Brexit.

To continue your success you need to be able to maintain a continuous supply of products into the market. Maintaining close control over the flow of its products and services is a key element of this success. Businesses should be able to quickly assess the cost implications to them as a result of a failing in any part of its supply chain and react to minimise the impact.

Companies today generally carry smaller inventories in a bid to stay lean, and any disruption to supply can make planning more difficult. Thus, developing a strategy to ensure supply chain resilience is a high priority in these challenging times. To ensure success in the future it is important you have a plan.

At these free practical hands-on workshops you will hear about:

  • Common supply constraints
  • The impact of Brexit on sourcing and the supply chain
  • How to mitigate risks in the supply chain
  • Key focus areas and next steps 

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